Removing Yard Waste: A How-To Guide

For homeowners, spring often means removing yard waste after spring clean-up. Spring clean-up can be a big job if you've got fruit trees, gardens, or leaves left over from fall. You can hire people to do it, but that's expensive. Instead, do it yourself for less with our simple guide for removing yard waste.

Using a tarp to remove yard waste.


Consider Composting for Yard Waste

If your yard waste consists mainly of organic materials such as grass clippings, leaves, and small branches, consider composting them instead of removing them. Composting turns yard waste into nutrient-rich compost that can enrich soil in your garden or landscaping.

The easiest way to compost is to make a compost pile or use a specialized compost bin. Start by finding a part of your yard with partial sun and good drainage. Then, mix green materials and kitchen scraps like grass clippings, fruit and vegetable scraps, and coffee grounds with brown waste like old leaves or shredded newspaper. Keep the mixture moist but not soaked, and turn it with a shovel at least twice a week. Within ten weeks, you should have suitable soil.

If you own a shovel, composting is free. However, you can build a simple compost bin to hold your yard waste using free plans on the internet. (Here's one that we've used). You can also buy compost bins online, but beware that the price can go from as low as $30 to well over $500.


Barter or Trade Your Yard Waste

One man's waste is another man's treasure. Just because it's "yard waste," do not think it has no value.

Do you have fruit trees? Instead of throwing those branches away each spring, consider trimming and boxing them for sale. Smoking meat in a smoker is increasingly popular. Apple or cherry wood for smoking can fetch $25 for 10 pounds on eBay or even more in your local area. This way, trimming your trees can earn enough to buy the chemicals to care for those trees.

Do you have community gardens in your area? Many community gardens ask for yard waste donations to compost and maintain their gardens for less cost. They'll often come to you to pick up your waste. Your investment? You have to get your yard waste conveniently for them to pick up.


Community Yard Waste Collection

Many cities offer curbside pickup or drop-off locations for yard waste. They often use that waste for green initiatives in your area, like community gardens or even park paths when you provide branches. Check with your local municipality to see if they provide this service for free or cheap.


Spring Cleanup with Tarps


Moving Yard Waste

Outpak Debris Bag Mini  pictured full with debris.

While ridding your yard of spring waste, consider buying a tarp system to move yard waste within your yard. The pros use debris tarps to save time and reduce their work. You can, too.

Our Sling Tarps come in two sizes: 10 feet by 10 feet and 18 feet by 18 feet. They are reinforced for sliding heavy loads across your yard and include straps to pull the debris manually or use a tractor, vehicle, or other machine to move your heavy debris.

We also have smaller yard waste bags that carry smaller loads and take up less space for storage.


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