Outpak Sling Tarp with debris from lawn maintenance

Outpak Sling Tarps

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    The Outpak Sling Tarp is a multi-use tarp for lifting washouts, debris cleanup and product transport! Made from sturdy woven polypropylene, it has 5 to 1 safe working load lifting straps and can hold, carry or drag up to 4,000 lbs.

    Heavy Duty Sling Tarp

    Great for:

    • Construction sites
    • Landscape projects
    • Home yard cleanup
    • DIY projects
    • Arborist's tarp
    • Snow tarp
    • Dirt Tarp
    • Weather protection covering

    Available in two sizes:

    2 products
    Standard Sling Tarp
    Outpak 10'x10' Sling Tarp
    Outpak 10'x10' Sling Tarp (Free Shipping!)
    Large Sling Tarp - 18' x 18'
    Sling Tarp with a load of snow lifted by a forklift.
    Outpak 18'x18' Sling Tarp (Free Shipping!)
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