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    Outpak Concrete Slurry Solution | Paint Slurry Solution

    Outpak Slurry Solution makes your excess concrete or paint cleanup quick and easy by turning your water-based slurry into a wet sand consistency in a few short minutes! Made from 100% organic blend of polymers, the material will become EPA compliant and landfill ready. It can also be used to solidify old paint.

    Latex or water-based paint can be disposed of with regular household waste after it has dried out completely. Outpak Slurry Solution can solidify paint for easier and safer disposal.

    Available in 3 sizes:

    • 2lb bag
    • 7lb bottle
    • 50lb bag

    Slurry Solution to Slurry Waste Estimates

    Coverage may vary depending on water content and slurry density. The amounts listed are only an estimate and can differ due to moister and temperature. Cold weather will slow down the process. The greater the agitation, the faster the encapsulation.

    Slurry Solution   Slurry Waste
    1 lb  20 gallons
     2.5 lbs  55 gallons
    Outpak 7lb bottle  145 gallons
    Outpak 50lb bag 1,000 gallons


    Slurry Solution can be added to any container for water-based washout or paint absorption. It can also be directly applied to a surface for use with floor polishing, core drilling and wet saw cutting. It will not stain floors or leave a slippery residue. Made from 100% organic blend of polymers, it is EPA compliant and ready to dispose of in any trash container or landfill. The solution does not rehydrate.

    4 products
    Outpak Slurry Solution - 50 Pound Bag
    Outpak Slurry Solution being held by man
    Outpak Slurry Solution – 50lb Bag in Box (Free Shipping)
    Outpak Slurry Solution in 7 Pound Bottle
    Outpak Slurry Solution held in hand
    Outpak Slurry Solution – 7lb Bottle (Free Shipping)
    Outpak Slurry Solution
    Outpak Slurry Solution in a single bottle.
    Outpak Slurry Solution - 7lb Bottle 4 pack (Free Shipping)
    Outpak Slurry Solution - 2 Pound Bag
    Closeup of Man working with Outpak Slurry Solution
    Outpak Slurry Solution – 2lb Bag (Free Shipping)
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