About Us

In 2008, Contractor Bob Eason Was looking for an easier and more economical way to dispose of concrete washout waste to follow SWPPP regulations and protect our environment.  Because of his ingenuity, the company Outpak Washout was born.

A row of Outpak Washouts at a worksite.

Outpak Supports Construction and Painting Work

Fifteen years later, Outpak Washout now carries three types of washouts, along with slurry solutions, spill kits, reinforced tarps and debris bags. Outpak Washout products can be found across the United States and Canada. Its products have also found a new home in the painting industry, with a quick and easy way to dispose of paint and related waste.

Seeing an online need for its customers, Outpak products can now be purchased directly at www.outpakmarketplace.com. Before 2023, the domain for this site was called www.outpakpaintstation.com, but was rebranded to Outpak Marketplace.


Contact Outpak Marketplace

Outpak Washout products are the environmental and economical solution to your next project. 

For more information on any product, call 208-376-6967 during business hours. You an also contact us anytime through out website contact us form by clicking here.

Folded Outpak Concrete Washout.
Man filling a concrete sidewalk while using an Outpak Concrete Washout.
Outpak Concrete Washout with liner.