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    Concrete Washouts

    Outpak Washouts are the original, disposable washouts designed to be both EPA and BMP compliant. They are easy to use, quick to set up and store flat for easy transportation.  Designed by contractors for contractors, it is the most cost-effective, compliant washout system on the market. Available in corrugated and all-weather materials, there are 3 sizes to choose from for all construction needs.

    Available in three sizes:

    • 30”x30”x14” high; capacity 0.25 cu. yrds./50 gallons
    • 4’x4’x14” high; capacity 0.68 cu. yrds./140 gallons
    • 8’x10’x12” high; capacity 3 cu. yrds./605 gallons

    5 products
    Corrugated Concrete Washout from Outpak.
    Corrugated Concrete Washout from Outpak being used in a concrete washout operation.
    Outpak 4'x4'x14" Corrugated Washout (Free Shipping)
    Corrugated Washout - 30x30x14
    Using a corrugated washout
    Outpak Corrugated Washout container - 30"x30"x14" (Free Shipping)
    Outpak All-Weather Washout - 4'x4'x12"
    Handle Waste in any Weather with Outpak's All-weather Washout
    Outpak 4'x4'x12" All-Weather Washout (Free Shipping)
    Rainfly for Outpak Concrete Washout
    Rainfly for Outpak Washout
    Outpak 6'x6' Rainfly for All-Weather and Corrugated Washouts (Free Shipping)
    Outpak 8'x10'x12" PVC Concrete Washout
    High Volume PVC Concrete Washout
    Outpak 8'x10'x12" PVC Concrete Washout (Free Shipping)
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