All-Weather Washout

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    Outpak All-Weather Washouts are designed to stand up to the toughest weather conditions and remain on your jobsite for the duration of your project. They are made from heavy-duty, woven poly propylene and have a polyethylene liner, lifting straps and optional rain fly. 

    Available in two sizes:
    4'x4'x14" high; capacity 0.68 cubic yards/140 gallons
    6'x6'x11" high; capacity 1.33 cubic yards/260 gallons
    2 products
    Outpak All-Weather Washout - 4'x4'x12"
    Outpak 4'x4'x12" All-Weather Washout
    Rainfly for Outpak Concrete Washout
    Rainfly for Outpak Washout
    Outpak 6'x6' Rainfly for All-Weather and Corrugated Washouts
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