Debris Bag

Debris Bag

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    The Outpak Debris Bag is a multi-use bag for Construction Sites, Landscape Projects, Home Yard Cleanup and DIY Projects!

    Debris bag standard  Debris bag standard Debris bag mini  Debris bag mini
    Bulk bags have a large capacity depending on the design and requirements. This allows for efficient storage and transport of materials, optimizing logistics and reducing the number of trips required.
    • Sturdy woven polypropylene bulk bag
    • Heavy duty
    • 5 to 1 safe working load lifting straps, up to 3,000 lbs
    • 4 bottom lifting handles make it easy to lift, drag or tip
    • Built in cover

     Available in two sizes

    • 35″x35″x40″
    • 24"x24"24"
    2 products
    Outpak Debris Bag with Lid and handles up.
    Outpak Debris Bag with lid
    Outpak Debris Bag - 35" x 35" x 40" (Free Shipping!)
    Outpak debris bag mini
    Outpak Debris Bag Mini in the garage
    Outpak Debris Bag Mini 24" x 24" x 24" (Free Shipping!)
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