Outpak Spill Kit

Outpak Spill Kits

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    Be ready for any hydraulic oil, fuel or radiator spill containment on site with Outpak's spill cleanup kit. They are compact and can be conveniently stored behind or under truck seats.

    Blog Artile : Why use our Universal Spill Kits?

    Available in two sizes:
    • 5 Gallon Spill Kit
    • 25 Gallon Spill Kit
    2 products
    Universal Spill Kit for oil or fuel containment up to 25 gallons.
    Outpak spill kit layed out on a table; easy to stow and can collect up to 25 gallons of oil or fuel.
    Universal Spill Kit - 25 Gallon Containment for Oil or Fuel
    Universal Spill Kit to contain 5 gallons of oil, fuel, or radiator fluid.
    Mobile Spill Kit that can quickly contain 5 gallons of any oil, fuel, or radiator fluid.
    Universal Spill Kit - 5-Gallon Size for Oil or Fuel
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