Why Use an Outpak Heavy Duty Sling Tarp?

A heavy-duty tarp, also known as a heavy-duty tarpaulin or simply a heavy tarp, is a durable and robust covering made from a strong and thick material. It is designed to provide reliable protection against various elements such as rain, wind, sunlight, and debris. Heavy-duty tarps are commonly used in outdoor and industrial settings where there is a need for sturdy and long-lasting coverings.

The construction of a heavy-duty tarp typically involves a reinforced fabric that is resistant to tearing, punctures, and UV degradation. The material used can vary but is often made of polyethylene (poly tarp), canvas, or vinyl. These tarps usually have a higher denier rating, indicating a stronger and more durable fabric.

Outpak Heavy Duty Sling Tarp being used in a warehouse.

Heavy-duty tarps are used for a wide range of purposes, including:

  1. Construction and building sites: They provide temporary shelter, protect equipment and materials, and create barriers against dust, debris, and inclement weather.
  2. Camping and outdoor activities: Heavy-duty tarps are employed as ground covers, tent flysheets, or makeshift shelters to keep campers and their belongings dry and protected.
  3. Transportation and storage: They can be used to secure and cover goods during transport, protect vehicles and machinery from weather damage, or create temporary storage solutions.
  4. Agriculture and farming: Heavy-duty tarps help protect crops, livestock, and equipment from the elements, and they are also used for hay and grain storage.
  5. Home improvement and maintenance: They serve as protective covers during painting, renovation, or repairs, shielding furniture, floors, and outdoor surfaces.

When choosing a heavy-duty tarp, it is important to consider the desired size, thickness, material, and specific features like grommets (reinforced holes for securing with ropes or bungee cords) and reinforced edges.  Outpak’s 10’x10’ Sling tarp is made from heavy-duty woven polypropylene and has a lifting capacity of 4000 lbs.  The Outpak Sling Tarp has 8 lifting straps that are 5 to 1 safe working load rated.  They can be found below.