What is a Yard Waste Tarp?

A yard waste tarp is the secret kept by landscapers who work fast and handle large piles of yard debris quickly. You lay the tarp out, pile debris into the middle, and move the tarp for debris disposal. Ideally, it's then used again and again.

This type of tarp is stronger than average tarps, which are designed more for rain cover or storage. A yard debris tarp holds large piles of waste without ripping or tearing and can be dragged on the ground or even across concrete without a tear. General-use tarps tend to rip quickly and leave a mess. 

Yes, you can substitute large and even heavy-duty tarps to do the job. However, those tarps will rip under weight and may be more of a problem than a solution. You need a yard debris tarp designed for landscape maintenance and designed to last.

A large tarp used for yard waste disposal.


Does Quality Matter for a Heavy Duty Tarp? 

A yard waste tarp is made for landscape maintenance. Yard waste tarps have reinforced handles that can take being pulled at odd angles and under heavy loads. Reinforced fabric ensures edges don't fray under repeated use and seams don't tear when dragged over concrete or pavement.

A yard waste tarp can also carry a large capacity of varied waste types. The Outpak Heavy Duty Sling Tarp, for instance, carries nearly 4,000 pounds of waste. This allows you to drag rocks, dirt, tree debris, or stumps across smooth or rough surfaces without ripping the tarp.


Why Not Just Buy a Cheap Tarp?

Cheap Yard Waste Debris Tarp shredded because of use.

The reason to buy a quality yard waste tarp is really about time. Instead of repeatedly moving back and forth to gather yard waste from different areas of your yard, you can place the tarp in a central location and deposit waste onto it as you work. This saves time and effort during cleanup.

Also, collecting yard waste often doesn't happen under ideal conditions. Using a yard debris tarp helps keep your yard waste in one place, preventing it from spreading across your lawn or garden. If there's wind or rain while raking, then the tarp can fold over to cover your debris pile and keep it from blowing back onto your yard. This again saves time and effort.


How Can a Sling Tarp Improve Your Yard?

Sling tarps (another name for a yard waste tarp) can keep your yard nice by protecting your grass during maintenance. For instance, raking or piling yard waste directly onto the grass can lead to bending, breaking, or smothering of grass blades. In fall and spring, when grass is more delicate, using a tarp creates a barrier between the waste and the grass, reducing the risk of damage. The repeated movement of rakes, wheelbarrows, and other equipment across your lawn during yard waste cleanup can cause wear and tear. By using a tarp as a designated work area, you minimize direct impact on the grass.

A yard waste tarp can be used for fall leaf cleanup


A Temporary Weed and Chemical Barrier

Yard debris tarps that are made to withstand chemicals can also minimize the spread of those chemicals into unwanted areas of your yard. If you're using chemicals, such as herbicides or pesticides, as part of your yard care routine, a tarp can shield the grass from accidental chemical contact. Chemical spills or overspray can damage your lawn, and a tarp can act as a protective barrier. However, the trick is getting a tarp made to withstand chemical contact.

As a weed barrier, piling debris into a central container, like a debris bag, helps to keep weed seeds from multiplying into the lawn. Isolating weeds into a debris bag keeps them from spreading as they're carried away from disposal.


Interested in a Heavy Duty Tarp for Yard Waste?

At Outpak, we think our yard debris tarp (or sling tarp) is a quality tarp that works great under demanding conditions. Give it a try. It withstands high stress and is correctly priced for size or quality. Click to see our collection of sling tarps and debris bags.