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    Use the Outpak Yard Waste Bag for any home project where you need extra help: landscaping, yard cleanup, or even your DIY projects! Our yard waste bags have wrap-around straps to reinforce seams under load and convenient handles to make lifting easy. Our straps can withstand 3,000 pounds of force, meaning they can withstand severe abuse, like being dragged across your driveway or supporting a load of firewood.


    Outpak Yard Waste Bags Last by Design

    Tarp bag mini

    Our yard waste bags are made of woven polypropylene. Woven polypropylene is superior because the polypropylene plastic threads are woven together, creating a durable material with both flexibility and strength.

    Our material's design is like multiple hands interlocking to hold a heavy weight, ensuring the weakest link is reinforced.

    In non-woven polypropylene, the poly threads are fused using heat and pressure. This method doesn't hold up as well under high stress because the individual strands don't work together. 

    This method is more likely to cause a rip if the material is weak. That's why we chose woven polypropylene instead.

    Other features make our yard waste bags long-lasting for many seasons: 
    • Sturdy woven polypropylene bulk bag
    • Heavy duty
    • 5-to-1 safe working load lifting straps, supporting up to 3,000 lbs without breaking
    • Four bottom lifting handles make it easy to lift, drag, or tip
    • Built-in cover to keep out rain


    Outpak Debris Bag Mini collecting yard waste in a residential yard.

    Our Yard Waste Bags are Available in Two Sizes

    Outpak yard waste bags have a large capacity, no matter what size you choose. This allows for easy storage and lifting of materials. Our bags also save time by reducing the number of trips needed to move a load of debris: being large matters.

    Our bags are available in two sizes

    • 35″ x 35″ x 40″ - Holds 28 cubic feet (209 gallons) of material
    • 24" x 24" x 24" - Holds eight cubic feet (59 gallons) of material


    Yard Waste Bags Work in Any Weather

    Work on your yard regardless of the weather or conditions of the debris you're collecting. The woven polypropylene and polypropylene straps are naturally water-repellent. The extra-tight, woven seams also support wet items, so they don't leak and make a mess if dragged over concrete sidewalks and driveways. 

    Both sizes of tarp bags include a flap to protect their contents from rain. The flap allows you to collect wood or debris and place the bag outside in the elements with less concern for keeping your debris dry. Nothing is heavier than wet wood. 


    2 products
    Outpak Debris Bag
    Moving an Outpak Debris Bag with a forklift
    Outpak Debris Bag - 35" x 35" x 40" (Free Shipping!)
    Outpak Debris Bag Mini
    Outpak debris bag mini in a garage.
    Outpak Debris Bag Mini 24" x 24" x 24" (Free Shipping!)
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